Gail Ellis


An introduction to Gail Ellis


Gail has 20+ years experience in occupational psychology and organisation development across a wide range of businesses in different market sectors.

This experience has enabled her to develop a range of services for both businesses and individuals. Her acclaimed coaching style is unique, often bold, always challenging but delivered with sincerity, honesty and empathy.

Having developed the ColourFootprint profiling system, Gail uses this to great effect to not only help businesses understand their human capital but also individuals to understand how they impact others and how others influence them.

Gail is known to have said "some people believe coaching is a form of counselling, not as far as I'm concerned. People want to add value and feel valued, and my role is to enable this to happen on whatever level"

With this in mind, Gail has developed a suite of complimentary services to meet the needs of both businesses and individuals.


‚Äč"The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts"